List of sites with sound effects for game developers

As a game developer you will often need access to good quality sounds. Here is most recent list of sites you can get all sort of sounds for your game.

Free of charge sounds &

There is good chance you came across site if you did any flash development or searched for sounds in the past. Old school huge collection of sound effects and ambient music for your apps and games. Great place to start. All time favorite.

Site with plenty of good sounds but will take you time to go through it to find what you want. It doesn’t have categories but you can try to use search, which is not that helpful unfortunately. Searching for “bing” lists “bomb”… interesting. They wont charge you so best you can do is to forgive them poor interface and simply browse.

Great list of almost 300 animal sounds. One page list, with wav files to download. Great for background sounds. You want to check it out if you looking for animal sounds.

Some sounds…. Not the best site with annoying sound playing every time you hit “back” button, but hey…. few more sounds for free.

Commercial sounds

Commercial. Hate commercial sites serving bad user experience but nevertheless they do provide sounds so here it is on my list. You could find quite good sounds there. If you will actually pay for those it is entirely up to you.

Commercial? Yes. Useful? A bit. User experience? Better experience than last site but still… paying almost $4 for as “blip” sound? Did they lose their minds? Check it out anyway and pay if you appreciate that collection.

Yet another commercial site attempting to sell sounds. Worth of checking out if you looking for inspiration or potentially music for your games. They have quite good quality samples and steep prices. They might shock you with something like 30$ for a sound. On the other hand if you really like something why not to pay 30 bucks and save yourself some time.

Great source of nature sounds and loops. Not cheapest though but then again you might find exactly nature sound you looking for here.

Sound applications

One of those you can’t leave without if you are indie game developer. Perhaps you don’t have to worried about sound editing if you work in the studio but for one man game production venture it is absolute must!!!!

Amazing free wav sample generator. If you have a little patience and like to experiment you can really create great sound online and save it as a file on your drive. Just awesome!!

What’s next?

This list should get you started and will keep you busy for at least few hours. Each game is different so is each developer. Most of studios create own sound library. You might want to do that too. If you come across great sound just name it and stick it into a category folder on your local drive or server. It is never ending process which you might find quite annoying at the beginning. You will appreciate it long run, having all those sounds handy when you will need them the most.

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