# Useful Development OSX Tools and Applications

Below is list of useful tools, which is used as a Development Toolkit at rusticode.com

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IntelliJ IDEA

IDEA 13.1

IDEA 13.1 requires installing Java SDK 1.6

IDEA 13.1 download


Download and install pkg file from www.mucommander.com


Shell-centric cross-platform open source MongoDB Admin GUI

Download and install pkg file from robomongo.org


iTerm2 is a replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm.

Download and install pkg file from iterm2.com


Download and and install from official site

Sublime (version 2.2)


Used mainly for Markdown Documents editing, quick look into a folder with terminal command subl ., previewing text files

Editor Installation

Download and install sublime from official page

Plugin Installation

Then follow steps from below link to install Sublime Package Control https://sublime.wbond.net/installation

Open console with [crl + ``] and paste installation python code from the link above.

Markdown Plugins

To open isntallation palette hit cmd + shift + p and type install package.

To install plugin manually follow instruction from plugin page.

Enable subl from command line

To be able to run Sublime from command line create a symlink

echo -e "\n# Sublime 2.x alias" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "alias subl=\"/Applications/Sublime\ Text\ 2.app/Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl\"" >> ~/.bash_profile

To open file type

subl some_file_name.txt

To open whole directory

subl .

Sequel Pro

MySQL databse management for Mac OSX

Download and install pkg file from www.sequelpro.com

Better Snap Tool

Shortcuts to configure

Cmd + alt + opt + {key}


Y U I < top -left -center -right
H J K < middle -left -center -right
N M , < bottom -left -center -right
SPACE < center


Real-world connection simulator and bandwidth limiter

Download and install from slowy site

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