Angular Crash Course - Part 1
Setting up Angular project

What is Angular?

Angular is an enhanced HTML for web apps.

Angular is a framework allowing developer to construct application in a declarative manner. It automates number of tedious tasks:

  • application initialization / bootstrap
  • DOM manipulation
  • callback registration
  • populating views with data

Source: (Angular Introduction](

Keeping up to date with AngularJS

Project setup

Top level directory structure

mkdir app       # production code
mkdir test      # test code
mkdir dist      # distribution code

Git configuration

Either git clone Angular seed application or git init if you start from scratch.

NPM and packages

npm init
npm install -g bower


bower init
bower install angular --save
bower install angular-resource --save
bower install angular-route --save

Add bower_components to .gitignore.

Check official docs to see how to modify default bower configuration.


npm install -g karma            # installed for cli convenience
npm install karma --save-dev
npm install karma-jasmine --save-dev
npm install karma-chrome-launcher --save-dev

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