HapiJS plugins you should know


Glue provides configuration based composition of hapi's Server object. Specifically it wraps

  • server = new Hapi.Server(Options)
  • one or more server.connection(Options)
  • zero or more server.register(Plugin, Options) calling each based on the configuration generated from the Glue manifest.

Github: hapijs/glue


Rejoice is a CLI tool for hapi which requires a js/json file with the config. It relies on the composer library called glue

Github: hapijs/rejoice


Confidence is a configuration document format, an API, and a foundation for A/B testing. The configuration format is designed to work with any existing JSON-based configuration, serving values based on object path ('/a/b/c' translates to a.b.c). In addition, confidence defines special $-prefixed keys used to filter values for a given criteria.

Github: hapijs/confidence

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