Mackports - short guide

This is super short macports guide. This article is an ongoing work in progress. I am adding more and more stuff here every time I encounter a problem or something interesting.

If you looking for full official guide, just follow the link.

Activating, deactivating packages

sudo port deactivate portname@x.y.z-0_0+q1
sudo port activate  portname@x.y.z-0_0+q2

Uninstalling packages

Uninstall port with its dependencies:

sudo port uninstall --follow-dependencies portname

Uninstall old versions of ports:

sudo port uninstall inactive

It may reveal a few more leaves (i.e. ports that are dependencies of ports that are installed, but inactive).

List all unrequested ports:

sudo port echo leaves

One of features of the 2.x version is tracking “requested” versus “unrequested” port installations. Unrequested ports are installed as a result of being a dependency for another port installation.

leaves is a pseudo-portname expanding to all the unrequested ports. It can be used to “clean up” unneeded ports skipped during uninstallation (if you forgot --follow-dependencies flag)


Uninstall any remaining leaves:

sudo port uninstall leaves

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